Armstrong Astro 2 SeriesIt happens every year at this time. Falling temperatures send homeowners down to their basements and facilities managers back to their pump rooms and the Pump Express hotlines heat up. For those with older systems, or systems that have simply run too long without proper maintenance, the start of heating season often presents a tough decision: repair or replace? Those opting for the latter have Armstrong to thank for pointing the way with their new line of circulator pumps.

Armstrong’s Astro 2 Series Wet Rotor Circulator Pumps bring adaptability to a new level. Designed to move liquids through closed hydronic or solar heating systems efficiently and with minimal maintenance, these three-speed circulators allow users to match application requirements to a T.

Models are available with union, sweat or rotated flange connections for easy installation in even the tightest corners. Integral check valves prevent backfflow and eliminate the need for discrete check valve addition, minimizing installation and maintenance costs.

Once installed these units provide unmatched performance over a wide range of head and flow requirements and can be adjusted to rectify discrepancies in estimated system resistance and to accommodate an increased number of zones.

Available in sizes ranging from 33 to 218 watts, the Astro Series line is designed with a slew of variable features that enable the 12-model range to replace 128 competing models. That’s what we call multitasking!

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