Message To Manufacturer

Message To Manufacturers

Message To Manufacturers

We Represent the Nation's Top Pump Manufacturers  

We are a dynamic organization seeking to broaden the range of products we offer. If you are a manufacturer seeking to open or improve your representation in the pump market, we invite you to visit us and see for yourself why we are the best choice for any company seeking to expand their market penetration. We offer the following strengths:

  • Strong Relationships with our customers  – We sponsor well-attended seminars that educate and assist customers while promoting the products and service we offer.
  • Our application engineers are supported by a knowledgeable inside sales staff handling pump, parts and equipment sales.
  • We are a dominant force in specifying equipment for sewage collection systems and we use this strength to package other equipment.
  • Financial Strength – We pay our bills on time and can afford to stock what we sell.
  • Strong service with over 250 employees within our office, field and shop service areas.
  • We offer an exceptional degree of electrical and mechanical expertise so that we need much less start-up and service support from the companies we represent.
  • Sales of new products through our Service Department allow us to develop a local installation list that we will use as a tool to sell equipment on bid jobs.
  • Our customers and products are supported by a knowledgeable and well-stocked Parts Department.
  • Strong relationships with the Plumbing - Heating - Cooling Contractors Association, Electrical Apparatus Service Association and many other industry organizations.
  • We invest heavily in education and take advantage of all manufacturer sponsored schools and training seminars.
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