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Application Engineering

Need Help Selecting The Right Pump Or Parts ?

Our pump application engineers are trained professionals with extensive manufacturer training in the application, service, and repair of pumps, controls, valves, and related piping. They are available to answer questions regarding pump and pump part selection and can assist in pump sizing, troubleshooting, and other pump-related issues. Experience in system design, equipment selection, and day-to-day service issues gives our staff a comprehensive understanding of customer needs.

Selecting equipment from PumpExpress offers the facility manager, the contractor, the home owner and the end user the peace of mind knowing that the best and most cost effective pump or parts where used in the proper application.

  • We can help with Pump and parts selection
  • We specialize in engineered and configured pump products
  • We can assemble custom pump packages to fit your needs
  • We will help you locate hard to find repair parts
  • We can recommend pumps to replace  obsolete models
  • Let us assist you  with selecton and sizing of  pump systems
  • Packaged pump systems in fiberglass, concrete or steel
  • Recommendation of sewage, heating, cooling & booster pumps
  • We can recommend the right irrigation pump for your application
  • We can help to cross reference model and part numbers
  • Guidance in selecting motors, controls, contactors and soft starters
  • We can help you select the proper sewage or sump pump
  • Controls and Variable Frequency Drives for energy savings
  • Specialty pump applications assistance and guidance
  • Mechanical Seals and parts replacement help available
  • We can help in the selection of electric motors and controls
  • We can help match Pump control panels to the right pump
If you have any questions for our application engineers, please call our toll free number 1-800-429-0800. Our team is standing by ready to assist you.


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