Why Your Home Needs a Battery Backup Sump Pump

Picture this: it’s a stormy night with lightning flashing across the dark sky.

You’ve been watching the rain pour down for hours. Now, you notice that the ditches and drains near your home are filling fast. What if all that water flooding the sewage system causes a backup?

Worse yet, what if that water makes its way into your home’s basement? Do you store valuables, furniture, or mementos down there that could be ruined?

Which treasured possessions or priceless memories are you willing to lose forever if water, mildew or moisture ran rampant through the lower level of your home? Probably none, right?!

In this article, we’re talking about how to avoid that nightmare. We’ll focus on why having a battery backup sump pump, like a top-quality Zoeller sump pump, could really save the day in the occurrence of a water disaster like this one.

Let’s dive in (pun intended)!

The Basics: What Do Sump Pumps Do?

Essentially, sump pumps (like the Zoeller sump pumps we’ll talk more about in a bit) are designed to protect your home’s basement from flooding. They can also be used commercially, but we’ll focus on residential applications for the purposes of this article.

It is even more significant to have a sump pump with a battery backup if your home’s basement has been finished out or if you store important keepsakes or valuables down there. In that case, you’d stand to lose a lot of money and/or possibly things that can’t be bought with all the money.

To keep your things and your home safe from damaging moisture, water, and mold and mildew, you’ll want to have a high-quality sump pump installed. For added protection, go with one that has a reliable battery backup system, like the Aquanot® Active 508 from Zoeller pumps. Read more on this model later.

Why Does Your Home Need A Sump Pump with Battery Backup?

Even if you already have a sump pump installed, you’ll want to make sure to also have a secondary battery backup system. Why? To protect your home even when:

• The power goes out
• The primary sump pump somehow comes unplugged
• The primary pump has a mechanical failure
• A fuse blows and renders the primary pump useless
• An abundance of water overloads the primary pump

A sump pump with a secondary battery backup system can switch to battery power and kick itself on automatically as needed. This will ensure that your home and belongings are safe from flooding and water damage even if you’re not home to turn it on. These systems keep your home safe no matter what storms may come!

Obviously, it’s a worthy idea to have a quality sump pump with a battery backup option, so let’s talk about some of the very best in the business, Zoeller sump pumps like the Aquanot® Active 508.

Zoeller Pumps and the Zoeller Aquanot® Active 508

Zoeller Pumps (including Zoeller sump pumps, Zoeller Aquanot® Active 508) are known as some of the best in the water transfer industry.

Zoeller was founded back in 1939 and is still a family-owned business. Over their many decades in business, Zoeller has proven to be a reliable and consistent leader in the industry. The company endures excelling by providing durable, top-quality pumping solutions for all your needs.

The Zoeller Aquanot® Active 508

The Zoeller Aquanot® Active 508 is one of Zoeller’s most popular battery backup sump pump models. This reliable backup pump provides you with up to 5 ½ hours of worry-free, continuous performance when your primary pump’s operation is interrupted for any reason.








Zoeller Aquanot® Active 508

The Aquanot® Active 508’s controller offers an automatic charging system with a low battery indicator and alarm. It’s super easy to use but also so high tech that it can test itself so that you don’t have to!

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5 Key Considerations When Choosing a Dewatering Pump

When you need to move water, like in a flooded basement or a well, you’ll need a quality pump to do the job. But choosing the right pump for your needs can be complicated! There are so many types and brands, each with their own advantages, uses, and disadvantages.

We’re here to help! As pump experts, we regularly help our customers find the perfect pump for their water transfer projects. In this post, we’re discussing dewatering pumps, what they are, and where they’re useful. Plus, we’ll be taking a look at industry-leading Goulds pumps, including Goulds well pumps and Goulds submersible pumps.

Goulds pumps are the epitome of quality. We’ll also talk about their most popular dewatering pumps, the submersible Goulds 1DW series. This will help you benchmark your next pump purchase against some of the best in the pumping industry!

The Basics: What Are Dewatering Pumps?

Dewatering pumps are made to move water from one location to another, usually when raw or dirty water is somewhere that you don’t want it to be! Hence, the name “dewatering”. These pumps are built for handling dirty water in applications like:

  • on construction and excavation sites (like in drainage ditches)
  • in industrial plants or mines (for water transfer or drainage)
  • in homes or on personal property (great for flooded basements, for example)

5 Things to Consider When Choosing a Dewatering Pump

While there are a number of questions to ask when you’re shopping for a quality dewatering pump—like the Goulds pumps we’ll talk about in a bit—there are five main things to consider. To make sure your purchase is as productive for you as possible, think about:

1. Pump Size and Features

The parameters of your job will determine the size of the dewatering pump you need. This is one of the first things to look for; make sure the pump you buy can handle whatever you plan to throw at it! Then, look for the features you know you’ll need to get your job done right.

2. Efficiency and Environmental Impacts

Make sure to get the right size of the pump so that you can minimize environmental impacts. Just because the pump is more powerful doesn’t necessarily mean its better! The right pump that fits your needs will maximize efficiency. Newer technology also means reduced fuel consumption and better load adaptability.

This, in turn, saves you money with reduced maintenance costs over the life of your pump and saves the planet at the same time!

3. Accessories and Versatility of Usage

Pay attention to the accessories that come with or are available for the particular pump you’re buying. Accessories mean that your pump can be adapted for multiple uses, making it much more versatile over its life. This can save you substantial money in the long run, as you can use the same pump for multiple functions.

4. Ease of Operation and Maintenance

Always look for something that’s going to be easy to operate and maintain. This will save your money in the long run as well, especially if you can service the pump regularly yourself versus hiring someone.

5. Longevity and Durability

Look for brands that are known for durability and longevity. Ensure that you’re buying not only a quality brand but also a pump that is built with durable materials. The Goulds Pumps 1DW, for example, is built to last with stainless steel diffuser plate, impeller, pump casing, and handle.

The Goulds Standard: Why Buy a Goulds Submersible Pump?

Goulds Pumps have been around for literally decades, and their quality has been proven again and again. They’re one of the leading brands of submersible dewatering pumps, so you know they’ve kept up with advancing technology and water transfer innovations. When you buy a Goulds well pump or Goulds submersible pump, you can count on getting a top-rated pumping solution that will work and last.

One of their most popular dewatering pumps is the Goulds 1DW model series submersible dewatering pumps. This Gould submersible pump is perfect for the applications discussed above. This three-phase submersible dewatering pump has a powerful ½ horsepower motor to get the job done.


Gould 1DW Series Submersible Dewatering Pump

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Myers Top Rated Sewage Pumps are Perfect for Your Application

It’s a sewage pump’s job to do the dirty work because well…sewage stinks. It’s not a very pleasant thing to think about and most people probably would prefer their sewage to be out of sight and out of mind. Few things are as big a headache for a property or business owner as backed up sewage water. Whether the building in question is a home or commercial property, the smell of sewage can produce a dreadful environment.

When a plumbing system is set lower than a municipal sewer line, sewage pumps are used to pump wastewater from a collection basin up to the main sewer. In septic tank systems sewage pumps often move fluid waste to a leach field. Sewage pumps are designed to pump fluids containing soft solids of up to 2” in diameter. They are submersible and often controlled by float switches that activate the pump when the liquid level in the basin rises. Sewage pumps are rated in horsepower and most models are capable of moving several thousand gallons of fluid per hour.

Removing wastewater and sizing a new pump for your sewage pump system is an involved process. There’s lots of different brands and models of sewage pumps so it can be overwhelming at first to try and narrow down exactly what you need for your application. That’s where Pump Express comes in to make your life easier. If you’re looking for a sewage pump, look no further than Myers. Myers, as one of the leading sewage pump manufacturers, is a name that stands for dependability and efficiency.

Let’s take a brief look at one of Myers’ most popular sewage pump series: Myers MW Series Sewage Pumps. The MW series is designed for light commercial or residential raw sewage applications and is suitable for high head applications as well. This line also offers optional dual seals and is available in cast iron or bronze impeller models.

The MW100-01 is one pump from this series that stands out. This pump is suitable for high head performance and demanding applications. It features a high-efficiency, two-vane, enclosed impeller that provides high efficiency pumping and will easily handle stringy, trashy 2” solids without clogging. This model also utilizes a high-torque, permanent split capacitor (PSC) single-phase motor. The motor is oil-filled for maximum heat dissipation and continuous bearing lubrication. Typical applications for the MW100-01 include residential and commercial sewage, high capacity sump, effluent, domestic wastewater and septic pumping applications.



  • Capacity to 165 GPM
  • Shut-off Head – 70 in.
  • Solids Handling – 2 in.
  • Max Interm. Liquid Temp. – 140 Deg. C



• Single seal configuration
• Eliminates possibility of jamming between impeller and volute
• Includes piggy-back mechanical level control switch
• Original performance can be restored if wear occurs by replacing volute seal ring
• Oil-filled motor for maximum heat dissipation and continuous bearing lubrication


These features and capabilities are what makes this Myers sewage pump stand alone. There’s so many different pump types and manufacturers, people want to know when they purchase a pump they’re getting the best use out of their dollar. Myers pumps should allow home and business owners to rest easy, knowing their pump problems are taken care of. These sturdy pumps are sure to guarantee a long service life. If this particular model doesn’t suit your needs, Pump Express has a wide variety of other Myers sewage series and models which you can view here.

Myers other residential products include a wide range of water well, sump, effluent and utility pumps & accessories for residential use. Myers engineered submersible solids handling pumps, self-primers, grinder pumps and reciprocating pumps are manufactured for municipal, commercial and industrial global markets. Myers helps move water efficiently and economically with its robust line of water transportation products.

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Bell & Gossett Circulators Put the Competition on the Hot Seat

The most difficult part of staying at a new hotel or another person’s house is often trying to figure out how the shower works. Which handle is which? Can that even be considered a handle? How do I work this thing? It shouldn’t feel like rocket science but sometimes it does. You try to figure it out until you inevitably get blasted in the face with ice-cold freezing water. A couple of indistinguishable cuss words later you finally figure out to get that glorious hot water on. The unsung hero behind this sizzling reprieve? That would be a circulator pump.

Circulator pumps play a key role in supplying heat.  A Water Circulator Pump works by pumping or circulating water in a loop or closed circuit. Flow of hot water is pumped to taps while colder water is pushed down towards a boiler.The process by which these pumps work does not expend a lot of energy therefore they also don’t require much energy to operate. The pumps only need enough energy to propel the water forward.

Common applications suited for Water Circulator Pumps include producing heating, cooling and hot water recirculation in residential and commercial buildings. Though they are most commonly used for circulating water in a hydronic cooling or heating system.

If you’re in the market for a new circulator pump, you’re probably asking yourself which brand you can rely on. Enter Bell & Gossett.

Bell & Gossett is a leading manufacturer of pumps, valves, heat exchangers and accessories for plumbing, wastewater and HVAC applications. Bell & Gossett pumps are unmatched in both ability and durability. Bell and Gossett circulator pumps are suitable for hydronic heating and cooling, multi-stage zoning and general industrial service applications. A Bell & Gossett pump is also engineered for quiet operation and designed for easy repairs.

Let’s take a brief look at one of Bell & Gossett’s most popular models: the Bell & Gossett Model 2 NFI of the 2″ series.


This pump features oil lubricated sleeve bearings, a carbon/ceramic seal and a noise dampening spring coupler. The motor is designed specifically for quiet operation and is built with thermal protection and drip-proof construction. The motor is nonover-loading at any point on the pump curve. The 2 NFI is capable of 75 GPM and a total dynamic head of 10′. This pump is nonsubmersible and for indoor use only.

Other features & benefits include:

• 115 Volts, 60 Hz, 1 Phase
• Cast iron body construction
• Maximum working pressure: 125 psi
• Maximum operating temperature with standard seal: 225ºF

If this model doesnt suit your application, B&G has a wide ranging line of other circulator pumps (both in-line and 1-3 speed) that is sure to meet your needs.

When you’re looking for a new Bell & Gossett Circulator Pump, Bell & Gossett Parts, or Bell & Gossett Accessories, look no further than PumpExpress.com. We specialize in pumps, and we’re among the largest online dealers for Bell & Gossett pumps, one of the world’s top pump brands. You can also give our talented customer service pros a call at (800) 429-0800 and they’ll be sure to help you find what you’re looking for.

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