Which CentriPro Float Switch is right for you?

Centripro float switches are a kind of sensor device. They help detect the level of fluid in a container or a tank. They can open or close an electric circuit. They are used in devices like pumps and other solenoid devices to control the liquid’s flow and level.

Electromechanical float switches such as Centripro float switches create an open/close electrical circuit when the liquid reaches a certain level to start/stop the liquid’s flow.

Centripro float switches, like any other float switch, have a hollow floating body with a reed switch and magnet. There are slight variations in different types of float switches. There is an external counterweight in some switches. The purpose of the reed switch is to create an open or closed circuit. When the magnet gets close to the reed switch, a closed switch is created, and an open circuit is created when the magnet moves away.

There are two main categories of floats – control switches and pump switches. Pump switches are used when a submersible pump is needed to be turned off or on. The control switches, connected to a control panel are mainly used for sounding an alarm against high water.

Features and Benefits of Centripro Float Switches

If you want to build an efficient water system, you need two things. You need the right products, and you need expert people who know the right application. Centripro is a company that offers both.

The advantage of the Centripro float switch mounting bracket is that it can accommodate up to 5 brackets. No matter where you want to mount it, it can be mounted anywhere, whether fiberglass basis, steel, or concrete. The material and hardware used in it is 304 stainless steel. It includes cord retainers that are non-metallic.

Goulds A2WTC, Cast Iron Float Weight is a weight that can be easily attached to a float switch. The cord weight is zinc plated, and it works perfectly with all float switches.


Goulds A2WTC, Cast Iron Float Weight

Goulds A2WT SJ Float Switch Electro Weight is also a weight that can be attached to a float switch. Its features include PVC housing and adjustable snap-in design.


Goulds A2WT Float Switch Cable Weight

Goulds A2WTC Conery Weight is designed for attachment to a float switch. Its features include zinc-plated cord weight, and it is easily compatible with all float switches.

Goulds A2N23 SJE SignalMaster Control Switch is a narrow-angle float switch that is mechanically activated. It is designed to activate alarms and pump controls.  When the float tips slightly above the horizontal signal, the switch turns on and turns off when the float dips a little under the horizontal signal.


A2N23 SJE Control Switch

The Goulds A2N23 SJE SignalMaster Control Switch finds its application where ever a pump is used to fill or empty fluids in a tank. The applications can include areas dealing with potable and non-potable water, sewage, and other industrial usage forms.

This float switch is a 5 amp float switch with 250 VAC and 50/60 Hz. This is a snap action switch or a mechanical switch that can produce a very fast transfer of one position to another contact. It can be useful in situations where a fast opening or closing action is required in a circuit. The maximum water depth it is capable of operating for is 30 psi or 30 feet. It is not designed to be connected directly to the pump, and it is not sensitive to rotation. Its control differential from the horizontal position is 1.5 inches above or below. The cable is flexible and measures 18 gauge. Its two conductors meet the certifications and standards such as UL, CSA, and SJOW, and its CPE water-resistant quality is the proof of its strength and durability.

The polypropylene covered float is high impact and corrosion-resistant measuring 2.74″ diameter x 4.83″. It can be used in water and sewage up to 140 degrees F. It comes ready as clamp mounted for easy attachment of the switch to any other mounting device or a discharge pipe.

The Goulds A2N23 SJE SignalMaster Control Switch is Underwriter Listed for use in sewage and water. It means the product meets the basic requirements that are specifically defined. It is also CSA certified. The CSA Group is an organization that certifies the quality of different kinds of products in 57 areas. This is a registered mark that guarantees that the product meets all the essential requirements of performance and safety.

Centripro Float Switches come in a wide range. No matter what your choice is, you will find something that meets your requirements. They come with a guarantee of quality and durability.

Centripro company overview

Centripro is a Xylem brand and a part of the Goulds Water Technology. This brand is the global leader in commercial and residential water products.

Pump Products’ company

If you are still not sure which CentriPro Float Switch will serve your purpose the best for your needs, you can contact the Pump Products company, the nation’s top pumps, and parts suppliers directly at 1-800-429-0800. The company has a team of experts ready to guide the customers on the best product according to their specifications.

Crown Self-Priming Solids Handling Pumps for Heavy-Duty Wastewater Applications

Crown Self-Priming Solid Handling Pumps offer best-in-class features & best value on investment. They are designed specifically for unscreened raw sewage or industrial waste applications.

Self-Priming Solids Handling Pumps for Heavy-Duty Wastewater Applications

Self Priming pumps don’t require manual priming, which often involves pouring buckets of water down into the pump and pipe which can be a slow and messy process. Self priming pumps often require the first prime to be manual however. Once you initially prime the pump, it will maintain prime as long as there are no pressure drops on the suction side of the line.

Solids handling pumps are employed to pump raw sewage during sewage lifting, which is then directed to a treatment facility. The ability of these pumps to process heavy solids increases the efficiency of the wastewater pumping process.

Crown Self Priming Solid Handling Pumps Lead the Category with their Specialized Features

Crown’s Centrifugal Solids Handling pump range is well-known for its efficiency and reliability in wastewater applications.

These pumps are specially designed to handle solids in a wide range of heavy-duty wastewater applications.

These pumps can handle spherical solids, measuring a maximum of 3” in diameter (depending on the model), and feature a discharge capacity ranging from 11/2” to 10”.

Other features that make Crown extremely efficient for wastewater applications include a Total Head measure that goes up to a maximum of 184’, and a Fluid Lifting Rate of 4400 GPM. The continuous media temperature of Crown pumps is 160 0 F.

The external design of Crown pumps is meticulous and cost-conscious. The power frames are designed to be contaminant-free. Machine bearings are lubricated with grease, which ensures the smooth functioning of the pumps over a long period of time. These features reduce the operating and maintenance costs of the machine in the long-term.

Crown pumps can handle the demands of wastewater applications that feature unscreened raw sewage. They are also efficient for heavy-duty industrial wastewater treatment processes.

Crown pumps are ideal for achieving high-performance results in municipal, industrial, and marine sectors. They are also a valuable asset for applications involving corrosive fluids.

High-Performance Features of Crown PO10LA-14X Self Priming Pump Series

The Crown PO10LA-14X Series is a specialized series for handling industrial wastewater processes and applications involving unscreened raw sewage.

In industrial settings, the Crown PO10LA-14X Series is ideal for handling wastewater, raw water, and barge stripping.


Crown PO10LA-14X Series Self Priming Solids Handling Pump

This self-priming pump series delivers high performance in municipal applications such as wastewater treatment, sewage lift stations, and sludge digestion.



These centrifugal pumps come with high-performance features, including:

  • A hardware design that is resistant to corrosion
  • Construction made of cast iron
  • A shaft made of high carbon steel
  • An open impeller of ductile iron construction, featuring 2 vanes
  • A single mechanical seal made of ceramic, Buna or carbon; comes with grease lubrication
  • Spherical solid handling – pumps can handle up to 3” of spherical solids
  • A suction capability of 10” NPT
  • A discharge capability of 10” NPT


Tips to Buy and Handle a Solids Handling Pump

• Provide a self priming pump with an initial supply of liquid. Such supply is essential to initiate the recirculation process of the pump.

• Adhere to a pump’s Total Head measure strictly. While it is true that self- priming pumps can lift liquids efficiently, going above specified limits can damage the machine. Refer to the pump’s NPSH (Net Positive Suction Head) curve chart and lift liquids only to levels specified.

• Look for solids handling pumps with a reinforced suction line design. Such design avoids air leaks. It also prevents the risk of too much air accumulation in the suction line.

About Crown

Crown is a brand label of Crane Pumps & Systems, a company that has been delivering high quality and performance since 1855. The company specializes in delivering innovative pump solutions for handling wastewater efficiently. Pump products by the company are manufactured in Ohio’s town of Piqua.

The company manages the design, engineering, manufacturing, sales and customer service processes related to its pump products, by itself. As a result, quality control is highly efficient, resulting in only high-performance pump products for its customers.

The company has been actively supporting its Piqua community through job opportunities and community welfare activities.

About PumpProducts.com

PumpProducts.com is a Master Stocking Distributor that brings only the most reliable pump products to its customers. The distributor has a nation-wide service with a shipping capability to all regions of America.

PumpProducts.com relies on its in-depth know-how of selling pump products to a large nation-wide market. The company is committed to providing its customers with best-quality and top-brand pump products at the lowest price.

Find the best self priming pump range at PumpProducts.com.

Why the Summer is the Perfect Time to Replace Your Condensate Pump

This is the summertime. You can watch the mercury inside your thermostats rise slowly and steadily. Summer is also the perfect time to replace or repair your Hartell condensate pump or furnace. Wait, before you exclaim why you should tend to your furnace or Hartell pumps when this part of the world has itself turned into a veritable furnace, there’s that old saying, a stitch in time saves nine.

Summer is the right time when you need your property in the top condition during the winter. As a HVAC pump supplier, we know most often Hartell pumps fail in the dead of the winter because they were left uncared for in the summer.

The temperature in Jan and Feb winters can go to freezing extremes, and life can be terrible when the operational heating system refuses to work. The heating specialists, to add to your woes, could be working overtime to attend to your distress calls.

The delay in servicing follows the mounting demands during the winters, while the servicing costs too hike up. That is why it is highly advantageous to do all the repair work and replacement during the offseason.

Hartell Plenum Plus A2-X series

A Condensate pump is needed to pump the condensate produced in the steam system, condensing furnace, refrigeration, or heating or cooling.

Hartell Plenum Plus A2-X series, a condensate pump, comes with several excellent features. They are Plenum-rated and UL 2043 tested. The wire access has been made easy now, and the motor is thermally protected with 115/230 dual voltage. It has a solid cast aluminum reservoir. There are multiple piping arrangements in it. Its maintenance-free ball bearing design ensures there is no need for lubrication to keep it running as efficiently as ever.

Hartell Pump

This pump is Plenum-rated and is a new concept even for experienced HVAC professionals. Recent code changes make pump improvements mandatory. So there is a lot of discussions these days about ‘Plenum-rated condensate pumps’.

A plenum condensate pump can be installed in a plenum space, which is space below the floor or above the finished ceiling of a building. Plenum rating is important simply because not all condensate pumps are designed to fit in the plenum space.

When a pump is plenum-rated, it indicates that the pump such as Hartell Plenum Plus A2-X series has been tested successfully to meet UL standard 2043, Third Edition. This test ensures several things: (i) It means the pump has been tested for fire heat (ii) It has been tested for visible smoke release. In other words, the Hartell Plenum Plus A2-X series meet the requirements stipulated for fire resistance and low smoke-producing characteristics.

These standards, qualities, and characteristics are outlined in NFPA 90A, the Standard for Installation of Air Conditioning and Venting Systems, NFPA 5000, the International Mechanical Code, and in NFPA 70, which is The National Electric Code. This means the Hartell Plenum Plus A2-X series is your unbeatable choice because this is the only product on the market that meet this rigorous standard. Hartell Plenum Plus A2-X series is also designed to meet the highest safety standards.

The feature of the “1-gallon heavy-duty cast aluminum reservoir” makes this pump strong, robust, and durable for its weight. Its easy wire access facilitates the plumbing job effortlessly without errors. It has 115/230 dual voltage and is thermally protected. This is to ensure that the motor remains safe in the event of motor locking up for some reason, and the coil doesn’t burn as they normally do.

Hartell Plenum Plus A2-X series comes with a 12-month warranty, although this pump will continue to serve for years without having to claim the warranty. The features outlined above are bound to serve the users with maximum efficiency and safety for years. In a nutshell, these features include a maximum temperature of 150°F, a maximum of 400 gallons per hour with a 200-foot shut-off lift, ease of maintenance due to its modular design, easy wire access, auxiliary safety switch, dual voltage thermally protected motor, heavy-duty cast aluminum, and Plenum-rated.

Condensate Pumps

Hartell condensate pumps have several new features, including a reversible reservoir and a serviceable check valve. For low-level inlet, there are standard provisions that help easier maintenance and more options for installation. Hartell pumps use high temperature rated materials that are oil and chemical resistant and robustly designed to ensure long life. There are three levels of motor protection in new Hartell pumps so as to ensure a maximum possible motor life. A new check valve designed to improve fluid flows in A3 and A5 series Hartell Pumps make them reliable and smooth.

Hartell Pumps Company

Hartell takes pride in offering durable, reliable, and compact products. The condensate pumps from this company are redefining the condensate pumps market. The company believes in continuous improvement and takes responsibility for everything they do. They choose their suppliers carefully because the suppliers being an important part of the value chain are called upon to deliver excellence.


Pump Products is a well-known name in all kinds of branded pumps, including Hartell pumps. They have the largest selections of pumps at the lowest price anywhere without compromising with the quality. The company’s customer-centric approach doesn’t change from season to season. They are the same caring people in winters as in the summers.

Why Your Home Needs a Battery Backup Sump Pump

Picture this: it’s a stormy night with lightning flashing across the dark sky.

You’ve been watching the rain pour down for hours. Now, you notice that the ditches and drains near your home are filling fast. What if all that water flooding the sewage system causes a backup?

Worse yet, what if that water makes its way into your home’s basement? Do you store valuables, furniture, or mementos down there that could be ruined?

Which treasured possessions or priceless memories are you willing to lose forever if water, mildew or moisture ran rampant through the lower level of your home? Probably none, right?!

In this article, we’re talking about how to avoid that nightmare. We’ll focus on why having a battery backup sump pump, like a top-quality Zoeller sump pump, could really save the day in the occurrence of a water disaster like this one.

Let’s dive in (pun intended)!

The Basics: What Do Sump Pumps Do?

Essentially, sump pumps (like the Zoeller sump pumps we’ll talk more about in a bit) are designed to protect your home’s basement from flooding. They can also be used commercially, but we’ll focus on residential applications for the purposes of this article.

It is even more significant to have a sump pump with a battery backup if your home’s basement has been finished out or if you store important keepsakes or valuables down there. In that case, you’d stand to lose a lot of money and/or possibly things that can’t be bought with all the money.

To keep your things and your home safe from damaging moisture, water, and mold and mildew, you’ll want to have a high-quality sump pump installed. For added protection, go with one that has a reliable battery backup system, like the Aquanot® Active 508 from Zoeller pumps. Read more on this model later.

Why Does Your Home Need A Sump Pump with Battery Backup?

Even if you already have a sump pump installed, you’ll want to make sure to also have a secondary battery backup system. Why? To protect your home even when:

• The power goes out
• The primary sump pump somehow comes unplugged
• The primary pump has a mechanical failure
• A fuse blows and renders the primary pump useless
• An abundance of water overloads the primary pump

A sump pump with a secondary battery backup system can switch to battery power and kick itself on automatically as needed. This will ensure that your home and belongings are safe from flooding and water damage even if you’re not home to turn it on. These systems keep your home safe no matter what storms may come!

Obviously, it’s a worthy idea to have a quality sump pump with a battery backup option, so let’s talk about some of the very best in the business, Zoeller sump pumps like the Aquanot® Active 508.

Zoeller Pumps and the Zoeller Aquanot® Active 508

Zoeller Pumps (including Zoeller sump pumps, Zoeller Aquanot® Active 508) are known as some of the best in the water transfer industry.

Zoeller was founded back in 1939 and is still a family-owned business. Over their many decades in business, Zoeller has proven to be a reliable and consistent leader in the industry. The company endures excelling by providing durable, top-quality pumping solutions for all your needs.

The Zoeller Aquanot® Active 508

The Zoeller Aquanot® Active 508 is one of Zoeller’s most popular battery backup sump pump models. This reliable backup pump provides you with up to 5 ½ hours of worry-free, continuous performance when your primary pump’s operation is interrupted for any reason.








Zoeller Aquanot® Active 508

The Aquanot® Active 508’s controller offers an automatic charging system with a low battery indicator and alarm. It’s super easy to use but also so high tech that it can test itself so that you don’t have to!

PumpProducts.com: Your Online Zoeller Sump Pumps Dealer

When you’re looking for the best deals on Zoeller sump pumps or any Zoeller pumps, check out our full-service website. You can also call our experts at 1-800-429-0800 for assistance, price quotes, or to place your order by phone. We specialize in pumps, replacement parts, and pump accessories, and we’re one of the largest online dealers for Zoeller, a globally respected brand.

Whether you’re a direct consumer, a small to a mid-sized contractor, or a large commercial, industrial, or municipal entity, PumpProducts.com has your back.

We carry the Zoeller Aquanot® Active 508 as well as many other models. We happen to offer the guaranteed lowest prices on all our Zoeller pumps!


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