Transfer Pumps That Make Water Removal Easy

Water management systems often form the backbone of any industrial or domestic establishment. In most cases, large-scale fluid transfer helps in many industrial processes. Similarly, the dewatering process in domestic applications is also crucial. Transfer pumps make this water removal process easy.

Currently, Barnes transfer pumps and Little Giant transfer pumps offer high-performance models suitable for water removal. However, the selection of an appropriate transfer pump requires a lot of background work. In this blog, check out more details about these models.

Transfer Pumps

Different models of Transfer Pumps help in the easy movement of fluids from one location to the other. They handle various fluids such as water, chemicals, gasoline, etc. Due to this, they are an inevitable part of both domestic and industrial water systems. The most common use of transfer pumps is for water removal in numerous applications. These pumps achieve water removal by creating a pressure difference. This suction force aids the smooth movement of water to the desired destination. Transfer pumps are used in water purification, dewatering applications, etc.

The important aspects to check while selecting a transfer pump are,

  • Temperature tolerance
  • Power rating
  • Maximum achievable pressure.

Barnes transfer pumps and Little Giant transfer pumps offer advanced models with high-end features for efficient water removal. Read further to know more about their offerings.

Selecting The Best Transfer Pumps.

Transfer pumps assume a significant role in water removal operations. But always ensure the built quality of the pump while choosing the appropriate model. Brands like Barnes and Little Giant offer the most durable transfer pumps for domestic use. Read further to explore the features of these models in detail.

1. Barnes Pump Systems

Barnes is a well-known brand from the makers of Crane pump systems. The brand is the epitome of reliability in the water management solutions industry. With more than 125 years of experience, it offers a wide range of pump products for multiple consumer categories.

Barnes Transfer Pumps

The transfer pump models from Barnes are highly durable and compact. They are suitable for various domestic dewatering applications. These pumps are helpful in water removal from water heaters, pools, and during flooding.

  • Barnes 134677 (Model BT12)

The Barnes 134677 is a durable transfer pump for various dewatering operations. It features a special plastic pump casing and a metallic housing for the motor. The rubber impeller is highly flexible and provides longevity. It has a 3/4” garden hose thread for discharge connections. A 1/12 HP single phase motor powers the pump delivering 3450 RPM. The Barnes BT12 model delivers a maximum flow rate of 5 GPM and a head height of 45 ft (ca. 14 m). It comes with a power cord of length 8 ft (2.44 m).

Barnes 134677, Model BT12, Transfer Pum

Barnes 134677, Model BT12, Transfer Pum

  • Barnes 134678 (Model BT50)

The Barnes 134678 is a general-purpose transfer pump offering a high level of reliability in dewatering applications. The pump comes with a cast iron housing offering corrosion resistance. It features a motor housing made of thermoplastic material. It draws power from a 1/2 HP single-phase motor operating at 120 V. The motor is capable of delivering a speed of 3450 RPM. The Barnes Model BT50 delivers a maximum flow rate of 21 GPM. It can achieve head heights up to 120 ft (ca. 37 m). This pump comes with a power cord of length 9 ft (2.74 m) 6 inches (ca. 15 cm).

Barnes 134678, Model BT50, Transfer Pump

Barnes 134678, Model BT50, Transfer Pump

Little Giant Company

Franklin Electric Company owns the brand Little Giant. The company manufactures premium pump products with high-end technical capabilities. With more than 80 years of experience, it is a global innovation leader in water management systems.

Little Giant Transfer Pumps

The pony series of Little Giant consists of non-submersible transfer pumps with a self-priming facility. These pumps are lightweight and portable. They are useful in water transfer applications for heaters, pools, and aquariums.

  • Little Giant 555602

The Little Giant 555602 is a non-submersible pump useful in water removal applications. It has a plated brass body offering long-lasting operations. This lightweight pump features a 12 V DC motor with a power rating of 1/10 HP. It has intake and discharge ports with dual threads. This consists of 3/4″ garden hose thread and 3/8” FNPT. It can achieve a maximum flow rate of 300 GPH. The Little Giant 555602 comes with a 12” power cord.

Little Giant Model 365, Series Pony Pump, Self-Priming Transfer Pump

Little Giant Model 365, Series Pony Pump, Self-Priming Transfer Pump

  • Little Giant 555203

The Little Giant 555203 is a self-priming transfer pump suitable for domestic dewatering operations. It features a stainless steel body and a metallic handle. Due to this, the pump is highly portable during various applications. A 1/10 HP, 12 V DC motor powers the pumps. It facilitates easy connection with dual-threaded intake and discharge ports. The pump is capable of delivering a maximum flow rate of 300 GPH. It includes a 12” power cord.

Little Giant 555203, Model 365S, Series Pony Pump Self-Priming Transfer Pump

Little Giant 555203, Model 365S, Series Pony Pump Self-Priming Transfer Pump

Transfer pumps provide an effective solution for water removal in various applications. offers a one-stop solution for selecting high-quality transfer pumps. It is a leading distributor of various pump products and related accessories. The website is a repository of pump catalogs from major brands. For buying Barnes transfer pumps and Little Giant transfer pumps, visit now.

The Perfect Pumps for Fire Fighting and Emergencies

Handling emergencies in households and industries require fool-proof safety systems. Many times, people neglect this aspect leading to difficulty in handling emergency fire mishaps. Investing in a robust firefighting system is always beneficial for industries and households alike. In many places, it is also part of the building codes of local authorities. You should always select the best fire pump models for your establishment. AMT fire pumps and Davey fire pumps provide the best-in-class pump models that you can trust. In this blog, read more about the unique features of these pumps.

Trash Pumps/Fire Pumps

Safety systems are crucial for commercial establishments, industries, and households. They come in very handy while dealing with emergencies. Firefighting systems assume a significant role in these safety systems. Fire pumps are an inevitable part of such systems providing a quick response in the case of fire response. For this, fire pumps need to be portable with the capacity to maintain appropriate pressure. A fire pump derives power from a petrol/diesel engine or an electricity source. AMT and Davey are two prominent brands that offer high-quality fire pump models. Let us explore the features of their major fire pump models.
The Perfect Fire Pumps Models

Fire pumps need to be responsive and fool-proof as they are crucial for handling emergencies. The construction material, flow rate, compatibility, head height are some parameters that decide the pump model. Check out the best models from AMT fire pumps and Davey fire pumps.

The Gorman-Rupp company owns the AMT brand of water pumps. It is a leading manufacturer and distributor of pump products for industrial and domestic applications. The company is well-known for its rigorous R & D activities in pursuit of technical excellence in water management solutions.

AMT Fire Pumps

The engine-driven high-pressure AMT fire pumps are a trustworthy companion during emergencies and firefighting activity. These pumps are built to withstand high temperatures and can deliver desired pressure level during an emergency.

  • AMT 2P5X (without engine)

The AMT 2P5X is a high-pressure portable fire pump that is very suitable for firefighting applications. The premium cast iron construction makes this 5/8 threaded pump sturdy and durable. It can work with a range of gasoline and diesel engines available in the market. It features 2” suction and discharge ports made of cast iron. The AMT 2P5X belongs to the 5 HP market category with an impressive performance. It can deliver a maximum flow rate of 130 GPM and provides a maximum lift of 26 ft (ca. 8 m). It is perfect for emergency use with a maximum temperature tolerance of 180 °F (ca. 82 °C).


  • AMT 2MP9ZR

The AMT 2MP9ZR is a portable engine-driven high-pressure pump apt for emergency firefighting applications. The pump is highly durable with a cast aluminum body and cast iron diffusers. This pump is easy to install with low maintenance requirements. It features a two-stage cast aluminum impeller providing high efficiency during operations. The AMT 2MP9ZR comes with a Hatz diesel engine. With built-in check valves, it is capable of self-priming to 20 ft (ca. 6 m). This high-pressure fire pump provides a maximum flow rate of 118 GPM. It can handle maximum temperatures up to 200 °F (ca. 93 °C).


Davey Water Solutions

Davey water solutions is a global brand involved in the manufacturing and distribution of pumps and related products. With more than 85 years of experience, the company has a large portfolio of innovative pump products. The company caters to customers across industrial, commercial, and domestic segments.

Davey Fire Pumps

Davey fire pumps are capable of delivering water at high pressure, making them the perfect choice for firefighting solutions. These pumps are highly portable and work smoothly with engines. The Davey fire pumps are sturdy and ideal for outdoor applications.


  • Davey AK302

The Davey AK302 is a portable fire pump that is driven by a Honda GX160 engine. It has a compact body design and is easy to install. It features a marine-grade aluminum casing that renders corrosion-resistant properties. The pump has a 3-way discharge port providing a choice of plumbing designs. This single-stage pump is capable of providing high flow rates up to 95 GPM. The engine in Davey AK302 provides a power of 5.5 HP and comes with a spark arrestor. The pump is capable of self-priming up to 19 ft (ca. 6 m). It can handle a maximum water temperature of 122 °F (ca. 50 °C).


  • Davey AK304

The Davey AK304 is a powerful two-stage fire pump that is apt for firefighting applications. It comes with a 5.5 HP Honda GX160 engine. The engine features a twin-stage air filter and a spark arrestor. This compact and portable pump is easy to install. The marine-grade aluminum construction makes it corrosion-resistant. The unique impeller design provides strong pressure and a longer life period. It comes with a 3-way discharge port that is compatible with multiple plumbing sizes. It is a versatile pump that can self-prime from up to 20 ft (ca. 6 m). The Davey AK304 offers a maximum flow rate of 65 GPM and can handle water temperatures up to 122 °F (ca. 50 °C).
Pump Products

Are you planning to buy a fire pump for your firefighting system? The team at can support you in selecting the appropriate pump model with all the necessary information. is a super stockist of pumps and related products from leading brands. They offer the best quality fire pumps from AMT and Davey at low prices. For more information, check out the website today itself.

How Condensate Pumps keep You Cool During Summer

Removal of excess condensate is a crucial process in HVAC systems- both industrial and domestic. In most cases, this is facilitated by natural gravity flow. But it is not feasible across all scenarios. A condensate removal pump can help in removing this excess condensate from your HVAC systems. This avoids water/fluid leakages and ensures steady operation. In this blog, let us explore the best condensate removal pumps from Hoffman and Red Lion companies.

Condensate Removal Pumps

Condensate pumps are a major component in HVAC (Heating, Ventilation & Air Conditioning) systems across domestic and industrial applications. It is a type of centrifugal pump that helps in removing excess condensate from HVAC systems. They are useful in applications such as,

  • Heating and cooling systems of households/industries
  • Industrial freezing applications
  • Heat exchangers
  • Industrial furnaces.

In industries, they help in cost optimization by reducing the extra costs incurred in producing steam. In most cases, they operate intermittently and can work on automatic mode. For smaller applications, these pumps usually operate with a single pump. But, some condensate removal systems have a duplex design that includes two pumps.

Hoffman and Red Lion are two major pump brands that provide high-quality condensate removal pumps. They offer numerous condensate pump models for various applications. Let us explore their models in detail.

Hoffman Pumps

Hoffman Specialty is a part of the famous Bell & Gossett, a major brand from Xylem water solutions. The brand specializes in industrial solutions, including HVAC systems, condensate pumps, boiler feed tanks, etc. With a strong focus on innovation, the company produces high-quality pump products that are energy efficient.

Hoffman Condensate Removal Pumps

Condensate removal pumps from Hoffman are capable of returning condensate to the boiler during industrial processes. These pumps are compact and can deliver up to 30 psig discharge. The condensate removal pumps from Hoffman are available in both simplex and duplex designs.

  • Hoffman 160010

The Hoffman 160010 is a simplex model condensate removal pump suitable for boiler systems of 6000 sq. ft. EDR. It comes with a double pole float switch and low height NPT. The float switch helps in better control of the pump. A 1/3 HP motor powers the Hoffman 160010, providing a maximum of 3500 RPM. It is capable of delivering a discharge pressure of 22 psig. The maximum flow rate capacity of this condensate pump is 9 GPM.  With stainless steel shafts and carbon seals, the pump is corrosion resistant. This makes it sturdy and renders a long life period. It can handle a maximum temperature of 225 °F.


  • Hoffman 160036

The Hoffman 160036 is a condensate removal pump with a duplex design (twin pumps). It is suitable for 30,000 sq.ft. EDR boiler units. It features a 1 HP motor for powering the pumps. A double pole mechanical alternator automatically controls the pump operation. This is an intelligent system that ensures the durability of the pump by optimizing operations. It can achieve a discharge pressure of 30 psig and a maximum flow rate of 30 GPM. The Hoffman 160036 features a cast iron receiver and has low inlet height. The receiver capacity is around 23 gallons.


Hoffman 160036, WCD-30-30B-MA Watchman Cast Iron Receiver Condensate Unit

Red Lion Pumping Solutions

Red Lion is a major brand from Franklin Electric- a global leader in water management technologies. With over 85 years of experience, the brand is a leading manufacturer of water pumping solutions.

Red Lion Condensate Removal Pumps

Red Lion has a range of condensate pumps capable of preventing condensation build-up during industrial processes. These are most suitable for furnaces and boilers. The Red Lion condensate pumps are made up of high-impact ABS material. It comes with a removable check valve and can operate in automatic mode.

  • Red Lion 14942600 (Model C15)

Red Lion 14942600 is a highly efficient automatic condensate removal pump. It comes with three inlet drain holes making it ideal for multiple operations. The use of high-impact ABS material makes it rustproof and suitable for rugged operations, especially in industrial settings. The presence of a removable check valve helps in easy maintenance. It features a 1/50 HP motor and operates at 115 Volts. This pump is capable of reaching a maximum flow of 68 GPH at 15ft (4.57 m) head height. It comes with a 6 ft (1.83 m) cord. The company offers a 3-year warranty on this model.


  •  Red Lion 14942601 (Model C20ST)

Red Lion 14942601 pump is a high-quality condensate pump ideal for boilers, furnaces, etc. This automatic pump is made up of high-impact ABS material. It features a removable check valve that facilitates easy maintenance. It has a 1/30 HP motor that powers the pump operating at 115 Volts. The Red Lion 14942601 provides a maximum flow of 82 GPH at 20ft (ca. 6 m) height. Unlike the Model C15, this condensate pump comes with a 3/8″ ID x 20′ vinyl tubing. A 6ft (1.83 m) cord is included in the package. The 14942601 model is very durable, and the company offers a 3-year warranty on this product.

Pump Products – The Leader in Pumping Solutions

Pump products make the pump selection process easier for you. It is a leading distributor of pumps, valves, motors, etc. The highly qualified team from pump products can guide you in the proper sizing and selection of pumps as per your requirement. If you want to purchase condensate removal pumps, is the ultimate destination. You can buy these products at low prices with complete customer service support.


Improve your Well System with these Submersible Pumps

Pumping is a major process that is crucial in industrial processes and domestic works alike. High-quality pumps are necessary to lift water and other fluids from deep wells. In the case of submersible pumps, corrosion resistance is a critical aspect for ensuring continuous operations for long time. In this blog, let us explore submersible well pumps from Franklin Electric and Berkeley.

 Submersible Well Pumps

A submersible pump operates while completely submerged in water (fluid). It is a category of the centrifugal pump but with slight modifications, making it capable of submerged operations. The submersible pump derives its power from a motor. The motor rotates an impeller leading to outward water flow. In submersible pumps, the motor is covered within a waterproof seal and close-coupled to the pump body.

Usually, a single-stage pump is used for domestic purposes. But for industrial purposes, a multi-stage pump is necessary. Submersible pumps require less energy for operation as the water pressure naturally pushes the water into the pump. As the pump is already in the water, there is no requirement for priming also.

Multiple submersible pump models are readily available in the market with varying technical specifications. They can operate for a variety of uses, such as filtration, sewerage pumping, etc. But you should be well aware of your requirements before selecting them. Flow rate and power requirements are the two major factors to consider while selecting a well pump. Let us explore some of the best submersible well pump models from Franklin Electric and Berkeley.

The Best Submersible Pumps for Your Well System

Once you are sure about your requirements, choosing the right submersible pump is very crucial. This is very important from the perspective of both performance and cost.

Franklin Electric Tri Seal Series

The TRI-SEAL series of submersible pumps from Franklin Electric is designed to operate even in the harshest conditions. These 4 inch (ca. 10 cm) pump models feature an innovative TRI-SEAL floating system. The system makes these pumps highly efficient and protects against wear and tear, especially when dealing with abrasives. Additionally, the advanced impeller hub seal system is capable of preventing fluid recirculation during pumping.

·        Franklin Electric 93741030: The 10JS05P4 model from Franklin is a 4” well pump powered by a 0.5HP corrosion-resistant motor with a 3-wire system. This model operates at 115 V. With 6 stages of operation; it can handle a maximum flow rate capacity of 14 GPM and a TDH of 244 ft (ca. 74 m). It can handle water temperatures up to 120 °F (ca. 49 °C). The impeller and diffuser are made from abrasion resistant material. It features a spring-loaded check valve and a phenolic washer that provides down-thrust protection.


·        Franklin Electric 93761010: The 10JS05S4 well pump model from Franklin features a 0.5 HP motor a 2-wire system. It has an operating voltage of 230 V. The special ‘Celcon’ impeller is highly efficient and is resistant to abrasion. An efficient stainless steel hub system maintains proper sealing and prevents fluid recirculation. It has ceramic shaft sleeves and rubber bearings that prevent wear and tear. The pump is capable of handling a flow rate of 14 GPM and a total dynamic head of 244 ft (ca. 74 m). It can easily handle water temperatures up to 120 °F (ca. 49 °C).


Berkeley JP Series

The Berkeley JP series of deep well submersible pumps are high precision and corrosion resistant models. They can deliver high flow rates and reach head heights up to 650 ft (0.2 km) even in tough conditions. It features an advanced SignaSeal staging system.

·        Berkeley B10P4JP05231-03: This well pump from Berkeley is suited for multiple applications, including industrial, irrigation, and domestic. It features a 3-wire, 0.5HP motor and operates at 230 V. The pump intake, discharge, and motor shell are all made up of high-grade corrosion-resistant material. The SignaSeal staging system and the floating impeller system are very effective in protecting against abrasives and sand lock-up. It is capable of attaining a flow rate of 10 GPM.


·        Berkeley B15P4JP07231-02: This JP series model from Berkeley features a 0.75HP, 3-wire motor. It operates at 230 V and is capable of reaching a maximum flow rate of 15 GPM. High grade stainless steel coating on its shell and shafts acts as protection against corrosion. The proprietary SignaSeal staging system is highly resistant to sand and other abrasive materials.

Franklin Electric

Franklin Electric works across the spectrum of water management solutions, offering quality products. Its diverse portfolio includes pumps, motors, and related accessories. With a vast network of manufacturing and distribution facilities, they cater to both domestic and industrial customers. The company offers a robust after-sales mechanism that makes it a leader in customer-centric business practices. Since its inception in 1944, the company focuses on developing innovative products for their customers.


Berkeley from Pentair has a rich experience in dealing with water pumping solutions since 1973. Their product portfolio consists of water pumps, storage tanks, and control systems. They mainly cater to domestic and irrigation applications. Being a part of the Pentair group, the company invests heavily in research and development. The products from Berkeley are the result of constant innovation, something that creates value for the customer.


Pump Products is a trusted distributor of pumps and accessories across the U.S. The website aggregates pump models from multiple brands and make it available for the consumer. With a team of experienced service executives and engineers, they help customers in selecting the right pump products as per the need. The website displays in-depth information regarding various pump models. If you are planning to purchase a new well pump, do check out today itself.


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