Pump Express now proudly offers Schneider Electric’s Square D line of Specialized Industrial Controls & Equipment to contractors and facilities managers across the Northeast.

The illustrious Square D line of industrial controls and drives, which has facilitated electrical systems across theU.S.and abroad for more than a century, is today widely used in commercial and industrial HVAC applications.

 “We’re one of only a handful of distributors in the nation authorized by Schneider to sell and size Square D Specialized Industrial Controls for HVAC and wastewater pumps,” says Pump Express Sales Manager Fred Hettinger, citing our HVAC and wastewater pump system expertise as the linchpin in the new distribution deal.

“Previously a contractor looking for either replacement parts or new controls would have to go to a generic electrical supply house and deal with a counterman who had little or no knowledge in the HVAC and wastewater pump controls market.”

“With Pump Express taking on this line, a contractor is able to deal with an application engineer who is able to identify and determine the proper equipment needed.”

 Pump Express system experts are able to size and price Square D industrial controls and retrofit them to other manufacturer’s products, particularly for HVAC pump controls. By taking the guesswork out of repairing or replacing pump controls, Pump Express aims to help contractors and facility managers reduce costs and minimize waste.

“In a nutshell,” says Hettinger, “this means you’ll get all the right parts, which translates to less downtime in the equipment.”

Watch the Pump Express website for the complete line of Specialized Industrial Controls and Equipment from Schneider Electric Square D including starters, contactors, safety switches, drives, combo starters, enclosures, flow switches, and other industrial controls known for reliability, efficiency and durability.

Call PUMP EXPRESS at 800-298-4100 for Square D line details and sizing information.

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