Which CentriPro Float Switch is right for you?

Centripro float switches are a kind of sensor device. They help detect the level of fluid in a container or a tank. They can open or close an electric circuit. They are used in devices like pumps and other solenoid devices to control the liquid’s flow and level.

Electromechanical float switches such as Centripro float switches create an open/close electrical circuit when the liquid reaches a certain level to start/stop the liquid’s flow.

Centripro float switches, like any other float switch, have a hollow floating body with a reed switch and magnet. There are slight variations in different types of float switches. There is an external counterweight in some switches. The purpose of the reed switch is to create an open or closed circuit. When the magnet gets close to the reed switch, a closed switch is created, and an open circuit is created when the magnet moves away.

There are two main categories of floats – control switches and pump switches. Pump switches are used when a submersible pump is needed to be turned off or on. The control switches, connected to a control panel are mainly used for sounding an alarm against high water.

Features and Benefits of Centripro Float Switches

If you want to build an efficient water system, you need two things. You need the right products, and you need expert people who know the right application. Centripro is a company that offers both.

The advantage of the Centripro float switch mounting bracket is that it can accommodate up to 5 brackets. No matter where you want to mount it, it can be mounted anywhere, whether fiberglass basis, steel, or concrete. The material and hardware used in it is 304 stainless steel. It includes cord retainers that are non-metallic.

Goulds A2WTC, Cast Iron Float Weight is a weight that can be easily attached to a float switch. The cord weight is zinc plated, and it works perfectly with all float switches.


Goulds A2WTC, Cast Iron Float Weight

Goulds A2WT SJ Float Switch Electro Weight is also a weight that can be attached to a float switch. Its features include PVC housing and adjustable snap-in design.


Goulds A2WT Float Switch Cable Weight

Goulds A2WTC Conery Weight is designed for attachment to a float switch. Its features include zinc-plated cord weight, and it is easily compatible with all float switches.

Goulds A2N23 SJE SignalMaster Control Switch is a narrow-angle float switch that is mechanically activated. It is designed to activate alarms and pump controls.  When the float tips slightly above the horizontal signal, the switch turns on and turns off when the float dips a little under the horizontal signal.


A2N23 SJE Control Switch

The Goulds A2N23 SJE SignalMaster Control Switch finds its application where ever a pump is used to fill or empty fluids in a tank. The applications can include areas dealing with potable and non-potable water, sewage, and other industrial usage forms.

This float switch is a 5 amp float switch with 250 VAC and 50/60 Hz. This is a snap action switch or a mechanical switch that can produce a very fast transfer of one position to another contact. It can be useful in situations where a fast opening or closing action is required in a circuit. The maximum water depth it is capable of operating for is 30 psi or 30 feet. It is not designed to be connected directly to the pump, and it is not sensitive to rotation. Its control differential from the horizontal position is 1.5 inches above or below. The cable is flexible and measures 18 gauge. Its two conductors meet the certifications and standards such as UL, CSA, and SJOW, and its CPE water-resistant quality is the proof of its strength and durability.

The polypropylene covered float is high impact and corrosion-resistant measuring 2.74″ diameter x 4.83″. It can be used in water and sewage up to 140 degrees F. It comes ready as clamp mounted for easy attachment of the switch to any other mounting device or a discharge pipe.

The Goulds A2N23 SJE SignalMaster Control Switch is Underwriter Listed for use in sewage and water. It means the product meets the basic requirements that are specifically defined. It is also CSA certified. The CSA Group is an organization that certifies the quality of different kinds of products in 57 areas. This is a registered mark that guarantees that the product meets all the essential requirements of performance and safety.

Centripro Float Switches come in a wide range. No matter what your choice is, you will find something that meets your requirements. They come with a guarantee of quality and durability.

Centripro company overview

Centripro is a Xylem brand and a part of the Goulds Water Technology. This brand is the global leader in commercial and residential water products.

Pump Products’ company

If you are still not sure which CentriPro Float Switch will serve your purpose the best for your needs, you can contact the Pump Products company, the nation’s top pumps, and parts suppliers directly at 1-800-429-0800. The company has a team of experts ready to guide the customers on the best product according to their specifications.

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