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If you live in the city, you may not be familiar with a well pump. However, it is very common among those living in rural and remote areas. Most households in rural areas use a well for their water supply, and almost all of them have an electromechanical system to draw water from these wells. The well pump is the heart of this electromechanical system, facilitating the extraction of water from underground water sources.

There are many well-known manufacturers in the market offering high-quality well pumps. Red Lion well pumps and Sta-Rite well pumps are quite popular for their performance and durability.

How do well pumps work?

Well water systems work by lifting water from an underground well and delivering it to a storage tank. Modern well pumps are mostly electric and use suction to draw the water through the pipes. Most households use jet pumps or submersible pumps to pump water from underground.

Well Pumps are not designed to run continuously. To ensure that there is consistent water pressure at all water fixtures, water is first moved to a storage tank. Modern tanks come with an air bladder that gets compressed as water is pumped in. The water pressure in the tank is responsible for moving the water through the pipes in the house.

A switch automatically stops the pump when the water pressure reaches a preset level, somewhere between 40 and 60 PSI. You use water for many household activities, and as water gets used up, the water pressure also drops. When water pressure drops to about 20 PSI, the switch turns the well pump back on. The cycle is repeated every time the water pressure drops to a designated level.

What size well pump do you need?

The size of the well pump depends mostly on the water needs of your home. Well pumps are rated in gallons per minute (GPM). If you own a 3 to 4 bedroom house, you will probably need a well pump rated between 8 and 12 GPM. You may need to add one GPM for every additional water fixture in your house, such as washing machines, dishwashers, showers, faucets, and outdoor water spigots.

If you are in the market for reliable well pumps, you should consider buying Red Lion well pumps and Sta-Rite Well pumps.

Red Lion RJS-XX series

The Red Lion RJS-XX series well pumps are ideal for supplying fresh water to rural farms, homes, cottages, and cabins with suction lifts down to 25 feet. These pumps can easily handle the water needs of large homes, cottages, and farms. It comes in a rugged cast iron casing that prolongs their life and reliability.

Red Lion 602206 Model RJS-50-PREM

The Red Lion 602206 Model RJS-50-PREM is a shallow well jet pump suitable for installations where the vertical distance from the pump to the water level does not exceed 25 feet. This well pump comes with a robust dual voltage motor (115/230 volt) with a capacitor for increased starting power. It also includes a factory pre-set 30/50 pressure switch that produces up to 50 PSI with automatic shut-off.

Red Lion 602206, Model RJS-50-PREM, Shallow Well Jet Pump


Red Lion 602207 Model RJS-75-PREM

The Red Lion 602207 Model RJS-75-PREM is suitable for the high water demands of North American homes with multiple water fixtures. It comes with a powerful dual-voltage motor that can be changed between 115 volts and 230 volts. This well pump is designed for wells with suction lifts down to 25 feet. Its rugged cast-iron casing ensures prolonged shelf life and reliability.

Red Lion 602207, Model RJS-75-PREM, Shallow Well Jet Pump

Red Lion 602208 Model RJS-100-PREM

The Red Lion 602208 Model RJS-100-PREM helps keep your rural home, cottage, farm, or cabin supplied with fresh water all year round. The powerful well pump is designed with a dual-voltage motor (115/230 volt) with the capacitor. It also comes with a rust-resistant and corrosion-resistant cast-iron casing to ensure a long service life and reliability. It also features a 50 PSI, a 23 GPM flow rate with automatic shut-off, and a pressure switch pre-set at 30/50.

Sta-Rite PN series

The Sta-Rite PN Series well jet pumps are corrosion and abrasion-resistant, ensuring long life and durability. They are highly suited for wells with pumping levels of less than 25 feet. It comes with a 30/50 pressure switch and is ideal for marine use, general boosting, mist sprayers, and similar water features.

Sta-Rite PNC-10

The Sta-Rite PNC 10 is a self-priming shallow well jet pump with a dual-voltage motor (115/230 volts). Its thermoplastic polypropylene body reinforced with fiberglass provides high corrosion resistance and resistance to abrasion, offering prolonged life and reliability. It comes in pre-set 30 to 50 PSI, allowing for cut-in pressure adjustments. The common applications of the pump include water systems, booster pumps, marine use, mist sprayers, poultry fountains, and water features.

Sta-Rite PNC-10, Self-Priming Shallow Well Jet Pump, PN Series

Sta-Rite PNE-10

The Sta-Rite PNE-10 is an excellent shallow well jet pump with a maximum lift of 16.1 GPM. It comes with a durable, heavy-duty motor (1 HP, 115/230 Volt) easy to service. Its fiberglass-reinforced thermoplastic polypropylene body provides total corrosion resistance and high resistance to abrasion. The impeller has also been precision molded for the highest performance and efficiency.

Pump Products

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