Having an energy efficient starter is crucial. Nobody knows that better than the engineering experts at Pump Express. Recently they were shown a presentation by Gail O’Keefe of Schneider Electric. Gail, a drive specialist, demonstrated the energy efficiency that comes with using Schneider Electric Square D Starters, specifically a VFD, or variable frequency drive.

First, she described the basic operations of an across the line starter, the more inefficient of the two options. “You ever get in your car in the wintertime and your fan belt starts and it squeals,” she asked. “Well, it’s the one pulley slamming the belt into the other pulley. It’s squealing until it synchronizes.”

She then contrasted the VFD, which is a soft starter, with an across the line starter. To be more technical, an across the line starting is accompanied by inrush currents and higher starting torque. This not only uses up more power, it can also add a lot of stress to a system over the course its lifetime. This means extra expense to the owner. A soft starter, such as the one the Gail demonstrated, remedies the issues associated with across the line starters.

“A drive is a soft start inherently,” she notes.

Her presentation shows that upon ignition the across the line starter slams hard. This is not the case with the VFD.

“We’re going to go to the VFD; it’s smooth, no slam.” The VFD gently started and maintained an even flow, which translates into energy savings.

The energy efficiency between the two is significant. As where the across the line start hit 2.8 amps, the soft start only hit 1 amp.

“2.8 amp across the line start inrush means peak demand charges. Every time it starts, that guy is being charged peak inrush.”

By providing their customers with energy-saving products like those manufactured by Schneider Electric, Pump Express is making sure that all of their engineering solutions are as efficient as possible.

With the lowest guaranteed prices in the industry, Pump Express is pleased to offer their customers the very best in engineering solutions in the tri-state area.

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