Red Lion Transfer Pumps Show off Their Versatility

Transfer pumps are just what their name indicates. They transfer. Transfer pumps such as Red Lion transfer pumps are useful when you are required to transfer liquids from one place to another. You can transfer water or any kind of liquid using these pumps. The water or liquid is drawn in using the pressure difference. It is then transferred.

Features and benefits of Red Lion Transfer Pumps

Red Lion Transfer Pumps are used for a variety of applications. They are used for draining hot water tanks. Their draining applications are also useful when they need to drain aquariums and appliances. These pumps are quite useful when household water pressure needs boosting for the performance of tasks like washing driveways and vehicles. In the Red Lion Transfer Pumps catalog, you can also find a special model that is especially useful for fishing, camping, and hunting.

Red Lion 14942006 Red Lion MPTC Transfer Pump

The Red Lion Transfer Pumps come in several models. One of these models is Red Lion 14942006. This model is also known as Red Lion MPTC Transfer Pump. It has the horsepower of ½, and it operates on115 volts. It has a 3/4″ GHT Discharge. It can efficiently deliver 1250 gallons per hour.

The maximum head in a water pump is the point at which it is zero pressure. In other words, your access must be lower than the maximum head. The maximum head also represents the ideal install condition. The maximum head of this model of the Red Lion Transfer Pumps is 105 feet. It means this pump is capable of moving water over a distance of 105 feet. You will also get a cord of 10 feet with the purchase of this model.


Red Lion 14942006 Transfer Pump

This model is a multi-purpose transfer pump. In other words, it will have multiple applications depending on your needs. Ideally, this pump is known to boost household water pressure. There are several reasons you require to boost your household water pressure. You may find this pump useful when you have to wash driveways or when you have to wash vehicles. With the boosted household water pressure, these tasks can be easily performed. In addition, you will find this model useful in several other transfer and removal of water applications.

It is a utility pump, and it is non-submersible. It’s constructed from heavy-duty cast iron gives it the strength and durability you may be looking for in your pump. The purchase of this pump includes ¾ inches garden hose adapters made of brass.

Red Lion 14942004 Model MPFV-12 Utility Transfer Pump

Red Lion Transfer Pumps are highly specialized for specific functions, while they can also be multi-purpose. It means your choice of an ideal transfer pump should be based on the set of tasks you need. If you need to boost household water pressure to wash vehicles or clean driveways, one specific model of Red Lion transfer pumps will serve your needs best. On the other hand, if you have to drain hot water tanks, aquariums and appliances you will need a specific model which is Red Lion 14942004 Model MPFV-12 Utility Transfer Pump

This model is a multi-purpose 12 volt DC pump considered as the best fit for several applications such as draining appliances, including aquariums and draining hot water tanks. This model may be found highly useful also when you require transfer applications provided the portability is easy.


Red Lion 14942004 Model MPFV-12 Utility Transfer Pump

It requires 12 volts DC to run, and its horsepower is 1/10. It has a discharge of 3/8″ FNPT. Nonetheless, it works like a war-horse at the rate of 300 Gallon Per Hour at its maximum. Its maximum head is 23 feet.

It is a portable pump that you may carry wherever you need to use this pump because it is non-submersible. Its stainless steel construction ensures its quality and durability. It has a dual thread for intake and for discharge both with ¾ inches male garden hose thread, and 3/8 inches FNPT is for pipe connection. The purchase of this model also includes a replacement impeller kit.

In other words, no matter which model of Red Lion Transfer Pumps your purchase, you can be assured of their versatility, durability, and efficiency.

Red Lion Company

Red Lion Pumps is recognized as a global leader in products, and develops and manufactures systems and components related to the movement of water. The Red Lion® brand is a customer-centric company at the forefront of innovation. The company listens to its customers and designs and produces according to their needs with an emphasis on research and development.

Pump Products’ company overview

Pump Products are a well-known master pump and product distributor. The company is recognized for the highest quality pumps and electric motors. The company stocks all major brands based on meticulous research and selection that they sell at the lowest prices. The customer care employees and the engineers of the company have expertise in the products. They are dedicated to assisting their customers with skilled sizing and selection.

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