Wastewater and sewage are a reality for any home or business and should be treated seriously. The right equipment is important – a substandard or ill-advised grinder pump can cause a lot of problems. That’s why Pump Express, the tri-state area’s pump-engineering leader, only stocks the best equipment, manufactured by the industry’s top brands; brands like Liberty.

Liberty Pumps have almost five decades of industry experience. Based in upstate New York, they are a leader in sump, sewage, and effluent pumps in North America. Recently Steve Ritsema, from Liberty Pumps, put on a demonstration of his company’s LSG200-Series Omnivore 2 HP Submersible Grinder Pump for area contractors at Pump Express’s headquarters in Bergen County, NJ.

Steve put the LSG200-Series Omnivore 2 HP Submersible Grinder Pump’s to the test and passed a number of items through it that would likely jam lesser products. As part of his presentation Steve deposited a leather glove, diapers, plastic bags, mop strings, and even denim with the metal buttons still attached to illustrate the pumps durability. Regardless of how tough the product was, the Liberty pump did its job and reduced the waste products to a fine slurry.

“You’ll find that it will eventually eat all of it,” said Steve, “and leave the metal bits behind, but the metal bits won’t get sucked into the cutter.”

The sturdiness of the pump was further demonstrated when it was shut down mid-operation, and started up again without incident, with Steve noting that it was precisely this sort of situation that often leads to jams in other grinder pumps. In addition to its toughness, the pump is also self-priming and cannot be air-locked.

Steve also elaborated on the LSG200-Series Omnivore 2 HP Submersible Grinder Pump’s easy maintenance. “If it gets dull, then maybe it’ll jam one day,” observed Steve. If that occurs within the first three years of its installation, then you can simply take it back to Pump Express and get a new pump.

Finally Steve discussed how the pump’s innovative design places the pump at an angle. It is that angle that maximizes the pump’s efficiency. “That’s a nice design because it lets the diapers and all your debris get under there easier so it will eat the material better.”

The kind of quality that was demonstrated by the Liberty grinder pump is precisely the kind of quality that Pump Express passes on to its customers. Their staff is comprised of engineering professionals with a high-level of expertise and factory-approved training. It gives them the edge when it comes to advising customers and providing them with the most cost-effective, innovative, and efficient solutions to their engineering needs. It is their history of providing customers with top notch advice that has made Pump Express the tri-state area’s go-to pump engineering company.

With the lowest guaranteed prices in the industry, Pump Express is pleased to offer their customers the very best, regardless of whether their issue is sewage, sludge, leachate, abrasive slurry, boiler feed, condensate, or any other fluid handling application. Contact them if you require pump equipment in New Jersey, New York, or Connecticut.

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